Cost Factoring


The following chart is meant to be a helpful guide for those who are preparing to have their dream home constructed. These are not the only expenses that you will encounter during the process however, they are the most common and they will be the most significant part of your construction budget.

Along with the location and terrain of your property, these “cost factors” are a major factor as to why there is not an automatic answer when someone asks how much it would cost to build a home like the one they picked out of a book.

As well as a being a custom builder and general contractor specializing in log homes, Ute Country Homes is an authorized dealer for Yellowstone Log Homes. Whether you choose one of our stock floor plans, have our architect design your home or provide us with a set of your own plans, you will receive personalized attention and a detailed proposal so you will know exactly what each of these “cost factors” will cost you.

1. Cost of lot 1. Rough carpentry 1. Interior painting/staining
2. Architect & Engineer fees 2. Finish carpentry 2. Exterior painting/staining
3. Surveyor 3. Cabinets & countertops 3. Gypsum board
4. Log package 4. Wall finishes
GENERAL COSTS 5. Tongue & groove 5. Floor coverings
1. Permits 6. Tile
2. Insurance THERMAL / MOISTURE 7. Specialty stone
3. Inspections 1. Flashing 8. Specialty wall finishes
4. Temporary toilet 2. Vapor barrier
5. Clean-up 3. Gutters SPECIALTIES
6. Forklift/crane service 4. Water & damp proofing 1. Fireplace/woodstove
7. Contractor services 5. Insulation 2. Fire sprinkler system
6. Roofing 3. Security system
SITE WORK 7. Sealants & caulking 4. Entertainment system
1. Septic system/sewer 8. Chinking 5. Computer/phone lines
2. Excavation & backfill 9. Exterior wall finish 6. Intercom system
3. Driveway grade & gravel
4. Site clearing/thinning DOORS & WINDOWS MECHANICAL
5. Well & filtration system 1. Interior doors & frames 1. Rough plumbing
6. Utility trenching & backfill 2. Exterior doors & frames 2. Plumbing fixtures
3. Garage doors 3. Plumbing hardware
1. Foundations & footings 5. Finish hardware
2. Floor slabs ELECTRICAL
3. Structural concrete/block EQUIPMENT 1. Electrical rough in
4. Masonry veneer 1. Kitchen appliances 2. Electrical fixtures
2. Additional appliances 3. Electrical finish