Design Decisions

ONE OF THE GREATEST JOYS of building a custom home is that you can choose a design to suit your individual needs and lifestyle. Design is the single most important component of this process, and it is usually the most fun. Whatever your log home dream consists of, Ute Country Homes can assist you throughout the entire process.


Your design decisions should begin with the kind of exterior and interior look you prefer. Log homes offer a number of options, including choices in log diameter, profile and sealing system. How they interact with each other when the logs are stacked is a matter of both form (visual aesthetics) and function (structural engineering and weather-tight performance).


About 90% of log homes constructed in the United States are produced using manufacturing technology. High-speed milling machines are used to fashion the logs and timbers to uniform dimensions to simplify on-site assembly. Our logs are milled to specifically meet your home’s design and then your “log home package” is shipped to your building site. If your eyes are drawn to the uniformity of similar dimension logs repeated throughout the wall system then the “milled log” is for you. Once you have made the decision to use milled logs, you will need to select the log profile and the diameter of your logs.


Handcrafted log homes are just that, built by craftsmen using hand held tools. This type of construction accounts for roughly 10% of the log homes built annually in the United States. If you love massive logs, each with its individual diameter and grain character with shrink-to-fit saddle-notch joinery, then “handcrafted logs” will be that one-of-a-kind home you are looking for.