Elite Package

When the “Elite” package (shown below) is added to the “Premium package”, it has the necessary materials including exterior doors windows and roof to construct a weather tight shell.

Elite Package Options

Metal drip ledge for eave and gable (6)
1x cedar two step fascia (7)
OSB rim board for eaves (8)
Architectural shingles (9)
Wooden I-joists & LVLs for roof rafters (10)
Roofing felt / ice and water sheild (11)
Blocking between wooden I-joists (13)
2x framing for interior walls (16)
Double 2×6 for window bucking (18)
Conventional frame stair material if not log (21)
Redwood decking or upgrade to Trex (23)

2x framing for exterior decks (25)
Subfloor adhesive (26)
4’x8′ sheets of 3/4″ T&G OSB (27)
Wooden I-joists & LVLs for subfloor (28)
2x pressure treat for sill plate (29)
Sill sealer (30)
OSB rim board for subfloor (31)
4’x8′ sheets of T1-11subfloor fascia (32)
5/8″ couplers and allthread (34)
Vinyl windows or upgrade to wood windows (35)
Metal drip ledge for subfloor (36)
Exterior doors (37)

Model Diagram