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Where will my log home come from?

Are log homes really eco friendly?

Log home construction earns points in the green building standard for the many ways it saves energy and protects the environment, including:

A green building material — Trees are a renewable resource. On top of this waste is kept at a minimum during milling process, as manufacturers utilize all portions of the log. They use everything from bark and other sources made into mulch to wood scraps that become for raw material used in carvings and other home products.

Delivered all at once — the homes can be sold as kits or “packages” with the bulk of building materials delivered at one time. This method reduces fuel costs and carbon emissions compared to traditional site building.

Less waste — Pre-cut log home packages go up quickly and leave less waste on the job site than conventional construction. Walls are completed simply by stacking logs, which mean there is less energy consumed to craft the home and less man-made materials used in construction.

Are log homes energy efficient?

Log Homes Are Energy Efficient…. The massiveness of the logs plays a vital role in conserving energy. Logs absorb heat energy during the day and radiate it at night, keeping occupants feeling comfortable while also using less energy over the life of the home. In fact, homes built with solid log walls are typically 2.5% to 15% more energy efficient than standard stick-frame construction, according to an NAHB study.

In addition to the benefits of solid timber construction, Ute Country Homes is an authorized dealer for Yellowstone Log Homes, a Log Homes Council member company that engineers their log wall joinery and roof systems to eliminate air infiltration and moisture, conserve energy and increase comfort. This engineered approach can continue with every product included in a log home package such as brand-name, double-paned windows and patio doors with low-e glass, proper venting and sub-flooring structures. When your log home is properly sealed, you can have a super energy efficient home.

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Why should I choose a log home over conventional construction?

Besides trees being a renewable resource, log homes are long lasting and weather well. There are log homes still in use in Europe routinely dating back more than 800 years. The log home industry has countless stories of log homes successfully weathering hurricanes such as Katrina and Rita; where giant trees crashed through roofs but the log walls withstood the weight and prevented more damage.

If you’re worried about mold, mildew or insect infestation, a log home offers clear advantages, just by visually inspecting the logs you’ll be able to see anything problematic whereas a conventional home’s sealed wall cavities can hide these problems causing far more damage before it’s detected.

Peace and quiet are also a plus thanks to the same thermal mass that provides the energy efficiency and the sound deadening effect of wood walls.