About Our Logs

Our house logs are “born and raised” in the Rocky Mountain region and the arid climate helps us to provide the driest house-logs in the industry. Our logs come from standing dead timber, or they are air dried to ensure low moisture content. When a log is truly dry there is a much lower chance of settling, unexpected cracking and twisting. Additionally, log homes built with truly dry timbers have less settling than that of a kiln-dried or green log home.

Our log homes are TP® graded; Timber Products Inspection, Inc. (TP®) is the largest wood inspection agency in the nation. TP®   is the onlyALSC approved grading agency that has representation in all regions of the United States. The grading rules and design values are based on the nationally recognized standard ASTM D3957 (standard methods for establishing stress grades for structural members used in log buildings).

As a Yellowstone Log Home dealer, Ute Country Homes can maintain a solid reputation for providing the nation’s highest quality house logs. The quality, price, and availability of our log homes are unsurpassed.