Schedule of Costs

The following is the standard “estimate of cost schedule” utilized when a formal proposal is provided to a client for a turn-key project to be undertaken by Ute Country Homes. Should you, as the home owner, choose to engage Ute Country Homes for the project, this “estimate” with any amendments required, will become a “schedule of cost”. Once the “schedule of cost” is finalized and a contract signed, the only way your cost will ever change is if YOU make changes (a change order) or select “allowance” items that take you over the budgeted allowance.

Unlike companies that provide you with one all-inclusive bottom line total, Ute Country Homes wants you to see where your hard earned dollars are being spent.

Estimated Schedule of Costs   1/1/2014
Standard Home Upgrades
Utilities and site work
Septic System 0.00
Septic System Engineering 0.00
Sewer line 0.00
Driveway 0.00
Water and sewer connection fee 0.00
Water line 0.00
 Electric connection fee 0.00
Electric line and temp service 0.00
Water Well 0.00
Well Pump and expansion tank 0.00
Excavation and backfill 0.00
Improvement Location Certificate (ILC) (survey) 0.00
Total utilities 0.00
Pre slab prep and 3/4 rock 0.00
Foundation, piers & flatwork 0.00
French drain and water proofing 0.00
Rough hardware 0.00
Rough carpentry labor 0.00
Rough carpentry material 0.00
Elite Package ( Materials required for weather tight shell) 0.00
Decks and Railings Material (in Elite Package) 0.00
Decks and Railings Labor 0.00
Insulation and vapor barrier 0.00
Log package 0.00
Log package   Freight 0.00
Log stack labor 0.00
Chink logs 0.00
Log siding Material 0.00
Log siding Labor 0.00
Exterior trim material 0.00
Exterior trim labor 0.00
Exterior doors material  (in Elite Package) 0.00
Exterior doors Labor 0.00
Garage door with opener (allowance) 0.00
Windows material   (in Elite Package) 0.00
Windows  Labor 0.00
Interior doors  (allowance) 0.00
Interior doors  Labor 0.00
Finish hardware (allowance) 0.00
Finish hardware  Labor 0.00
Roofing, W/ flashing, fascia, & soffit /Material (material in Elite package) 0.00 Metal
Roofing, W/ flashing, fascia, & soffit /Labor 0.00
Finish carpentry material 0.00
Finish carpentry labor 0.00
Interior wall & ceiling finish labor and material 0.00
Painting & staining Material and labor exterior (stain in Log Package 0.00
Painting & staining Material and labor Interior 0.00
Electrical, Rough Material and labor 0.00
Electrical trim Material and labor 0.00
Lighting fixtures (allowance) 0.00
Flooring (allowance)
      Carpet 0.00
      Hardwood 0.00
      Tile 0.00
Wall tile (allowance) Kitchen backsplash Material and labor 0.00
Bath accessories (Allowance)  Cabinets, sink base ,towel holder, etc.  M & L 0.00
Shower & tub enclosures (allowance) 0.00
Counter tops (allowance) Material and labor 0.00 Granite
Cabinets (allowance) Material and labor 0.00
Built-in appliances (allowance) dishwasher, disposal Material and labor 0.00
Plumbing rough-in labor and material 0.00
Plumbing trim labor 0.00
Plumbing fixtures (allowance) 0.00 On demand water heater
 Heating system
    Gas forced air  material and labor 0.00
    Unit heating, Bath Room’s and Bed Room’s 0.00
     In-floor Radiant  (includes Gypcrete)  Material and labor 0.00
Wood or gas Stove and installation (allowance) Material and labor 0.00
Wood or gas Fireplace (allowance) Material and labor 0.00
Stone work  (allowance)
      Fireplace 0.00
      Foundation 0.00
Clean-up & disposal fees 0.00
Insurance  (liability, builders risk, workman’s comp, etc. 0.00
Permits 0.00
Plans and Spec’s 0.00
Engineering 0.00
Forklift/ Crane Service 0.00
Portable toilet service 0.00
Sub Total 0.00 0.00
Contractors Services and Misc. costs 0.00 0.00
Total $0.00 $0.00