Getting Started



Decide how much of the actual construction process you want to be involved in. Ute Country Homes can provide you with just the log home package, construct a weather-tight log shell for you to complete or provide start to finish turn-key construction.

  • Know your budget.
  • Have your log home financing arranged.
  • Contact Ute Country Homes, we can help you through every step of the process, we want you to enjoy the experience of making your dream a reality.
  • As an authorized dealer for Yellowstone Log Homes, we offer a 138 page Log Home Planning Guide that includes a variety of customizable floor plans and the log package price sheet for each. The Log Home Planning Guide is available for $10.00 (includes shipping).


One of the most important features of your log home will be its setting. If you do not own property in the area where you wish to build, finding land will be the next step. Once you have your building site you will be ready to make decisions on that perfect-for-you log home. Ute Country Homes offers a variety of stock log home models, and a few stock log garage/shop models. If you would like to customize one of our models or completely design one of your own, we work closely with an experienced local architect. If you elect to use your own architect or already have a set of blueprints, Ute Country Homes will be happy to estimate your project from your plans.


After choosing your design, Ute Country Homes will give you an estimate based on how much of the construction process you chose to be involved in during your “project planning”. Our construction “schedule of costs” is designed to show our clients exactly where their money is being spent, including the cost of our services.


A typical milled log package usually takes between three to six weeks to ship while a typical handcrafted log package can take anywhere from six weeks to six months, depending on the complexity of the design. When you contract with Ute Country Homes for the construction of your home, we will acquire building permits, begin installing utilities and have the foundation poured while the log package is being produced. A deposit is required before the mill will begin producing your log package which is why you need to choose a lender that understands log homes.


Unloading equipment must be on site to unload your log package. If a semi-truck with a 48 foot trailer cannot access your site it will need to be off-loaded at a more accessible location and materials hauled to the job site in smaller loads. Many log home aficionados choose remote locations with difficult access as their ideal log home setting which makes construction a little challenging; Ute Country Homes is experienced at building in off-grid locations.


A helpful guide to assist with the construction of your log home will be included with the delivery of the logs. Precision milled logs are uniform in size and can be assembled with a minimum of difficulty. If you are limited on time or do not possess the building flair, Ute Country Homes is an experienced, reputable contractor serving Southwest Colorado.


The exterior of the home is constantly exposed to the weather. Therefore, the quality of the sealants and preservatives will determine the frequency of application. Using the best exterior products will protect against ultra-violet rays and provide extra water resistance to the logs and on average will only need to be reapplied about every three to six years. Once the interior is sealed, no further application should be required. The logs should be treated with a borate solution prior to staining to prevent insect infestation.  With proper maintenance, your log home will long surpass the lifespan of the average stick framed home.